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May 25, 2010


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Another outstanding project, Howard and all. When I first visited the Larkin District in 2006 (for the Larkin Expo and Tim Tielman's unforgettable tour), while I loved the L @ E building, the building in this article was the one that really caught my eye.

Howard, you do such an outstanding job with REALLY BIG old buildings, that I wonder if you could advise (or even partner with) UB on the Trico Building at BNMC. It would be a major loss -- and lost opportunity -- to see that building go.


Looking good!


I believe its quite a tough job because making all the necessary changes without losing the originality is really a great job

Shawn Jaimes  (siding contractor houston tx)

LOL, it was a blast in the past indeed. Seeing the Ullman Sons sign and the duck brought a sense of nostalgia to me.

I agree with david above, some present works and materials might make the structure lose its originality, still it's keeping up with the years.


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