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February 07, 2010


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Dave Byers

First of all, nice job on the look, feel, and especially the content of the blog. You will be seeing my link to you very soon.

I worked in the 701 Seneca St. bldg. from 1984-1986, my 2nd job out of college. The Colad Group Inc., 4th floor. Parked across the street for almost 3 years and always assumed that the pile of bricks over in the NW corner of the lot had something to do with the adjacent train tracks or something. Who knew?

I remember watching from a fourth floor window one dark winter Friday night as a church burned a few blocks away. It was a stunning sight as embers flew out the top of the tall steeple in the dark. I believe it was a complete loss.

Looking at the maps today I would place the location at Jeff and Division. May be off a few blocks. We went over there on our way home that night and it was a working fire that you did not want to get close to even if you could.

I cannot recall the name of this church but it looks like the area lost 2 churches in quick succession.

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