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August 01, 2009


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Nate Neuman

Magnificent step forward by Zemsky & Co! The Larkin Filling Station has the potential to open up human activity toward Larkin Square with an appropriate retail use. This would allow for a natural flow of pedestrian transit along the streets that surround it. Keep up the good work!

Mary Beyer

I've been watching the progress. It is so exciting! Thank you.

Mary Beyer

Dear Chris,

I'm glad to see you back. The photo of you in front of the army surplus warehouse was becoming a bit old. I looked at it every other day hoping to find information about the work on the gas station. Viola, there it is.

It seems to me that nothing the Larkin Investment Group does is half assed. Everything they approach is done with vigor, class, and clear thought. From installing sprinkler systems on vacant lots to patrolling the Hydraulics neighborhood, I have never seen such a cogent group of investors.

Thanks to the Larkin Investment Group for showing Buffalo that not all development need be idiotic, tasteless, and mired in the muck of brainless politics.

Bruce Beyer

Andrew Moquin

I was looking out my office window while the construction crew was cleaning up the parking lot. Most likely removing oil spills or something. There was a huge explosion and rocks flew everywhere. I was fearful that the project would come to a halt, I was so excited to see the crews back to work the next day. Can't wait to see more progress.

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