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November 24, 2008


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Jerry Puma


Great blog - looking forward to more posts. Would you be willing to share the documentation that indicates the history of the 237 Van Rensselaer building is Larkin Building U? I always thought that the RST Building (Larkin at Exchange Building) was the last lettered Larkin building.

Chris Hawley

Hi Jerry!

You are actually one of the history buffs like me I haven't met yet!

Yes, the Buffalo & Erie County Historical Society provides me with several maps indicating the building is the U Building, a spreadsheet laying out Larkin property with square footage for each, a list indicating which factory functions were performed where, and a guide for Larkin employees that indicates the Men's Club bowling alley was in the basement of U Building. The guide even has a photo of the bowling alley!

The U Building often wasn't included in some Larkin graphics because it wasn't originally built by the Larkin company, giving the impression the company didn't consider it "one of their own."

I'll drop you a line soon!

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